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Turning carbon projects into profit

Our comprehensive consulting services assist you in ensuring that you get the most out of your carbon projects.

We assist with assessing the eligibility of your project by conducting comprehensive feasibility studies. We also help projects with certification, monitoring, verification, and the sale of carbon credits. If your project has potential, it’s our passion to see it come to life, which is why we offer flexible financing options to remove capital barriers from the path of impactful ideas


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Unlock your project’s potential

We love ambitious projects, but before undertaking them, we must be certain that we can bring the entirety of your project to fruition by conducting thorough evaluations to determine its potential for carbon credits and solve any foreseeable issues. To give you a better understanding of your investment’s return, we assess its potential to generate carbon credits and mitigate unforeseen costs by compiling an in-depth cost estimate for your project.To avoid unplanned delays, we set out timelines before setting your project in motion. These timelines take into account all the requirements associated with your carbon project which helps us to understand the project in its entirety and identify any additional benefits that have been overlooked. These identified co-benefits will then be explored to enhance the quality of your credits

Explore the feasibility and potential of your project.

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Certification, Monitoring and Verification

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Each carbon project requires planning, designing, and validating. Our team of experts will be there to manage the data collection, analysis and reporting required for the certification and monitoring process and aid in obtaining the necessary certifications needed for your project.
Our team will continue with our monitoring and verification services to ensure your project is meeting emissions reduction goals and remains compliant with regulations over its lifetime.

When navigating the independent third-party verification process, we’ll be there to simplify it every step of the way.
To ensure your project’s certification, get in touch.

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From Carbon Credit to Capital

Apart from getting your carbon projects up and running, we also assist in the sale of carbon credits generated and help connect you to our network of potential buyers. Our trading team will also provide information on current market conditions and trends so you’ll know exactly when and how to sell your credits. We also oversee all transactions to make sure that they comply with all relevant regulations and standards. Once the sale of your carbon credits has been seamlessly managed by our team, we’ll compile frequent sales and revenue reports so you can keep track of your investment status.
To turn your Carbon credits into capital, get in touch.

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Flexible finance for your projects

Securing funding to develop and implement a carbon project can be a significant challenge which is why we’ve kept all your financing requirements under one roof. We offer direct financing to fund your carbon project’s activities, registration, development costs and any other associated expenses, and flexible debt structuring so you can select the structure that’s best suited to you. 

Our financing options and terms are structured to meet the specific needs of your project and your risk appetite all while boasting more attractive terms when bundled with our other project development services.

To get the finance that suits your project needs, get in touch.

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